How To Create An Animated GIF With Photoshop

How To Create An Animated GIF With Photoshop

If you’ve spent any time browsing the web over the past few years, then you’ve undoubtedly encounter a GIF. These tiny moving images can convey tons more information than a picture , or text.

Once a mainstay of the old-school web they’ve made a huge resurgence in recent years.

GIFs provide you with an excellent thanks to boost your existing content, make your tutorials more useful, and make media your visitors can’t help but watch and share.

Best of all, GIFs are pretty easy to form . All you would like may be a subscription to Adobe Photoshop CC, and a couple of images, or a video, and a touch of creativity.

Below you’ll learn why GIFs became so popular, the advantages to using GIFs in your marketing, and show you ways to form an animated GIF in Photoshop with two different methods.

What is a GIF?
A GIF may be a sort of image format. GIF is brief for Graphic Interchange Format, but you’ll probably only see it mentioned as GIF. it had been introduced to the planet back in 1987 by Steve Wilhite of CompuServe as how to present a picture that moves.

This image format has been in use for over 30 years, showing you ways valuable, and the way much the web loves this sort of image.

If you’re a daily reader of web sites like Buzzfeed, then you’re probably already conversant in GIFs and the way they’re commonly used throughout content. Put simply, a GIF may be a low resolution animated image that continuously loops. it's sort of a small video clip. The low res and little file size make them ideal for the online .

GIFs are more popular than ever. As a result, they’re an excellent tool you'll use to attach with and delight your visitors.

The Biggest Benefits to Using GIFs in Your Marketing Strategy
Sure, we’d all like to create a funny GIF to circulate to our friends and family. But, there's a myriad of reasons that you’ll want to make a GIF that goes well beyond making people laugh.

Here are the most important benefits to using animated GIFs throughout your content:

1. GIFs are Sharable
GIFs can make your content more fun. they will pack an emotional punch that you simply can’t get from images or video. Whether you’re trying to form some extent or give your readers amusing break, they will be an excellent addition to your content.

You can use GIFs throughout your content, or across your social media channels. tons of individuals won’t watch a whole video, but a brief few second GIF is near impossible to pass up.

Plus, if you begin creating your own unique GIFs people might start sharing them or using them in their own content, which suggests more reach and even more backlinks for your site.

2. GIFs Will Instantly Grab Your Visitor’s Attention
We sleep in an attention economy, but it's becoming more and tougher to capture the eye of individuals online. That’s why longer form mediums like online video and podcasting are very challenging to master.

You’re trying to capture someone’s attention for minutes at a time.

But, GIFs provide you with an excellent middle ground. you continue to have the moving element of video, and therefore the ability to inform a story. But, there’s a way smaller time commitment on behalf of your visitor.

With a GIF you’re giving your visitors a fast thanks to engage together with your media (as you'd a photograph) while creating a deeper connection (with the video element). Short, easy to make , and an enduring impression on your audience. mention a win!

If you've got a video that you’re trying to direct more traffic to you'll create alittle GIF version of the video to entice visitors to click-through to your full-length video.

3. GIFs Have a Smaller File Size
Speed rules the online . you would like a quick loading site if you would like to compete. If your website loads too slowly, you’re getting to create a poor user experience for your visitors, and even ran lower within the search engines.

There are tons of things that’ll influence the speed of your site, like your hosting provider, your onsite SEO optimization, and more. But, one thing you'll control is that the size of the pages that your visitors need to load.

If you've got tons of embedded video content, then your site goes to load much slower. While video are often an excellent addition to your content, it'd not always be necessary.

In some cases, a GIF are often even simpler than a video. Plus, GIFs have the advantage of being lower resolution and smaller in size, which equals faster loading speeds.

4. GIFs Are Useful and Practical
If you’re creating a tutorial or a bit of content that explains the way to achieve a specific result, then you'll use a GIF to steer people through parts of this process. you'll use this to reinforce and reinforce what you only wrote, or to steer people through what you’re doing step-by-step.

This is common practice if you’re running a recipe site, or a technology blog, where you'll show the physical act of clicking or where certain buttons are located.

5. GIFs Can Enhance Most Content
GIFs can say tons during a very short period of your time . I bet you've got a couple of GIFs that you simply ’ve saved to your phone or computer that you watch from time to time. Whether they’re GIFs from your favorite television program or one you created yourself, there’s one thing that they are doing incredibly well–incite emotion.

As an internet site owner or marketer, you ought to be trying to find ways you'll connect with people on a deeper emotional level.

Whether you’re looking to form someone laugh or feel inspired, you’re one little GIF faraway from making it happen. albeit you’re creating GIFs to embed in your content, by making a visitor 

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