the new technology Samsung electonics launching Samsung Innovation Campus (SIC)

samsung electronics:

Samsung Electronics is launching the latest in its global citizenship program for young adults, Samsung Innovation Campus (SIC), in Russia on October 1. Under the corporate citizenship vision of the Enabling People company, launched in February this year, this new program will offer IT Education to help young adults around the world acquire useful academic and professional skills for the Fourth Industrial Revolution.
The company had been helping educate young people around the world through programs such as Samsung Junior SW Academy, Samsung SW Academy for Youth and Samsung Tech Institute, the last of which has been running since 2013, providing valuable experience for More than 110,000 young people in more than 30 countries. Following the success of these programs, Samsung Tech Institute, which has evolved and grown, is now being launched as Samsung Innovation Campus as part of the company's new vision of corporate citizenship.
SIC offers young people the opportunity to improve their employment prospects and obtain a practical education in technologies through classroom learning and, starting in 2020, online courses that can lead to official certifications.
The core skills of the SIC curriculum are rooted in technologies that are key to the Fourth Industrial Revolution, including artificial intelligence (AI), Internet of Things (IoT), big data, cloud platforms and platforms mobiles Additional programs have also been established to help participants develop their creativity, communication and teamwork skills for future jobs..

Curing collaborative experiences

SIC will provide customized curricula in different countries and work closely with local schools and NGOs to operate these programs effectively and ensure that the experiences offered by the courses are uniquely customized for local participants.

"Samsung Innovation Campus aims to empower a generation of problem solvers by equipping them with future-proof skills and providing them with a practical understanding of the technologies that will shape their future and enrich the sustainable growth of the world," said Seonghee Kang, SIC program manager at the Office of Corporate Citizenship, Samsung Electronics.

The SIC will begin on October 1 in Russia, where Samsung's previous programs such as Samsung IT Academy and Samsung IT School have been well received. The new initiative based on the successes of these curricula will gradually expand to Vietnam, Spain, Indonesia, Chile, Thailand and other countries in the near future.

SIC is part of Samsung Electronics new vision for its global citizenship initiative, Enabling People. Launched in February, this vision reflects Samsung's commitment to help the future generation reach their true potential and work towards a brighter future for themselves and their communities. Since its launch, the company works continuously to develop and expand the programs it offers to young people around the world.

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