Army of the future

Army of the future: soldiers can run at Olympic speed and will not need food or sleep with genetic technology

Pentagon scientists investigating genetic manipulation to build the soldiers of tomorrow
They hope to activate the cells of the bodies of wounded soldiers to rebuild lost limbs

Tomorrow's soldiers could run at Olympic speeds and may spend days without eating or sleeping, if new research on genetic manipulation is successful.

In accordance with the plans of the US Army. UU. For the future, their soldiers will be able to carry heavy weights, live off their fat reserves for prolonged periods and even grow back members destroyed by bombs.

The plans were revealed by novelist Simon Conway, who was granted behind-the-scenes access to the Pentagon's High-Tech Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency.

With a budget of almost $ 2 billion a year, DARPA, established in 1958 after the first successful space mission of the USSR shocked the United States, aims to maintain the technological dominance of the US. UU. On the battlefield.

Among its many ambitious projects, the agency is working on an exoskeleton that will allow soldiers to run faster and lift prodigious weights. But his most controversial work involves genetic modification.

DARPA is working on the activation of genes that will allow soldiers' bodies to convert fat into energy more efficiently so they can spend days without eating while in the war zone.

With chubby soldiers capable of deploying for days living alone from their own body fat, that would free up space in their kit bags so far used for ration packages.

The new Conway thriller, Rockcreek Park, is based on the premise that a body with extraordinary qualities is discovered in Washington DC.

After his visit to DARPA, the former infantry officer told Sunday Express: 'It's about improving the efficiency of creating energy in the body.

"The soldiers could run at Olympic speeds, carry heavy weights and go without sleep and without food."

Washington's military scientists also hope to discover how to activate the cells so that the limbs of soldiers mutilated by enemy bombs and landmines grow back.

With well-documented cases of young children growing back severed fingers in accidents, DARPA is throwing significant sums into research to identify the physiological trigger and activate it in adults.

An area of ​​success has been to turn off the sleep trigger. A drug was tested on US Army helicopter pilots. UU. That allowed them to stay awake for more than 40 hours, and their concentration levels improved after almost two days without resting.

Army of the future:
Amphetamine-based medications that have been previously used to keep the military alert during operations are expected to be replaced.

They were found to affect decision making and were blamed for errors of judgment that had led to many of the so-called friend fire incidents.

Professor Joel Garreau, from the University of Arizona, confirmed that DARPA was experimenting to convert fat into energy. "Discovering that the metabolic change would end the £ 40 billion diet industry in an instant," he added.

The plans are just the last seemingly outlandish schemes devised by DARPA, which is known as the 'mad scientist' wing of the US army. UU.

Earlier this year, it was learned that the agency was funding the investigation of screens mounted on contact lenses that could focus the information of drones and satellites directly on the eyeballs of soldiers and helmets that could allow troops to communicate telepathically .

DARPA projects are often strange technology, but it also has a history of technological leaps with a vision of the future. He invented the first virtual reality devices and one of the precursors of the modern Internet.

As mentioned earlier, the Army's brain confidence has time to decide where the answer lies between the primary dualities. Does technology favor the offensive or defensive? I vote for the latter. Only time will tell who is right. Western powers voted badly in 1914. The French voted badly in 1940. The warning story of history is that the side that is wrong next time will suffer negative consequences beyond the imaginable.

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