Future technologies of shopping mall

Future technologies of shopping centers

Future technologies of shopping centers and retail industry In the US In the US, the highest vacancy rate in shopping centers was recorded at the end of 2012, while Asia is constantly increasing by 50% since 2010. The United States is declining because they can now be purchased on mobile phones. The online shopping carts ate a large portion of the cake in the west. Amazon leads the digital supermarket package.

Meanwhile, in Asia, the increase in brick and mortar shopping centers, especially in China, the Philippines, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Vietnam, Indonesia, has increased in the last 10 years due to population demand and clear strategy . There is also an inconvenient factor, considering the horrible traffic that Asians are experiencing when going to shopping centers. Although the explosion of online shopping in Asia, such as Alibaba and Lazada, has increased, people still preferred to go to shopping centers. But recently, going to the mall has become a task rather than leisure in Asia. Therefore, more shopping centers are needed to build within a radius of 20 km in each populated area.

Innovate or die

Shopping centers should step up and introduce services that will keep their customers coming back despite having the option to order online and wait for their items to be delivered to your door. The leading Westfield purchasing group shared its vision of shopping centers in 2028. First, they will use advanced technology tools such as machine learning, artificial intelligence, digital tracks or drones. Machine learning tools get to know customers and their interests so they can submit suggestions when they return to the store. Artificial intelligence can also be used to transform today's commercial gateways into digital. Drones will also be used to deliver good products to customers.

New use of the mall

Future technology  of shopping mall

Shopping centers will also be the place to go if one wants to relax or learn. The shopping centers will be known as improvement areas where mindfulness workshops will be held. Tourists will also enjoy the view of indoor and outdoor green spaces, spectacular fountains, sports facilities and covered water sports. Since shopping centers have large spaces, educational conferences can also be held there. In addition, it will be known that shopping centers serve fresh and healthy food, since in the future it will be known that it is the source of fruits and vegetables taken directly from local farms. If this futuristic vision comes to life, shopping centers will play a vital role in society because they can bring people together, improve their lives and feed them with knowledge and healthy food.

On-line shopping is the time of purchasing goods and one of these greenest ways to shop in our new world. Particularly with the development of technology, buying online to download is the primary reason for eco-friendly purchasing. With downloading online, no business is required to be made for the storage. On sites that deliver pictures and books like E-Books they are environmentally friendly when, “ they displace that acquisition of 22.5 personal volumes, ” (are E-Readers Greener than volumes ?) Online shopping is really simple and convenient than going to the store. According to pwc's annual consumer study, “ around 27 percent of U.S. Population order online instead of physically running, ” (business information newspaper) . Through online purchasing, downloading is safer on the situation than getting buying something out of the shop.

The store of the future can benefit from data-driven user research and Internet of Things engineering to give this store the customer-centered shopping experience. Innovate retailers can increasingly use IoT technologies to create the `` intelligent shop, '' where all equipment communicates with each other to give a more smooth shopping experience and better overall productivity. What kind of IoT for retail technologies can we think to make the buying experience better?

Overall, It seems that the increasing trend on buying among youngesters as the kind of leisure pursuit has been primarily because of the application developing and popular shopping malls. However, if they show interests on different activities associated with water sports and social and historical gathering points, it can possibly impact their well-being and public attitudes.

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