What do sneakers, speakers and cities of future technology have in common?

A lot, really.

Let's be "smart" about it, okay?
In the past, it would be difficult to find any link related to tennis shoes, music equipment and the city center where you live. It simply wouldn't be easy. But thanks to smart technology, everything these days is, well, connected. Have you heard of the "Internet of things" and "machine learning"? These are very real technologies that circulate through the eardrums of many tycoons today, and the developments in technology are eager to impress, adopt and innovate.

But what does this have to do with shoes, buildings and Siri?  

The similarities will stun you. This is how technology seems to be integrating everything with everything, which will make life much more convenient. Do not even start with blockchain technology, as we are seeing a concept capable of managing efficiency and safety for a wide range of industries.
But here is the fact about these three concepts: it is about smart technology.

It used to be all about smartphones. Now it's also about the shoes you wear!

Smart technology has become huge. You can even connect the Internet to your shoes. Just look at the article here and see for yourself.

cities of future technology

Sure, you can connect your doorbell to the Internet and even the lights, but what about your Google speaker?

Are you surprised? The IoT phenomenon will affect almost every aspect of the home, including one of the most entrepreneurial technologies: that smart speaker of yours. See how far the Internet of things will reach all aspects of your life right here.
And believe it or not, but the "smart city" may be much closer to the reality than you think
In reality, it is still hard to believe that we can see a real city learning from the daily routines of thousands and thousands of residents who travel, walk, run and work in the streets and buildings. It is amazing. But with current technology, it is quite likely, and here is why.
Long story short, smart technology will remain news for a long time

Hell, maybe you are interested in a new career? Yes. Smart technology will also affect that industry. Actually, he has already done it. This is probably why you should learn as much as you can about it. You see, the day you went to Best Buy for that new TV or smartphone is now over. Sure, you're still going to drool over them, but now is the time to expand your horizons even further and see how much intelligent technology can benefit you. These three types of "products" are the following in an innovation aimed at continuing to optimize the quality of human life for generations to come.

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