Tech Trend Radar: the essential future technological trends of 2020

The rapidly evolving technologies are disrupting and revolutionizing a wide range of industries, including insurance. Tech Trend Radar 2020 sheds light on some of the most important trends you need to know now so we can start conversations in your own organization.

future technology trends 2020

How familiar are you with the differences between increased decision making and machine driven? Or cloud enablement and cloud border? What will 5G mean for your business?

With technology advancing at speeds never seen before, it is more challenging than ever for companies that keep up with the latest IT trends, much less, managing difficult business problems.

That's where Tech Trend Radar 2020 can help. Now in its fifth edition, it provides information on technology-driven trends that are specifically relevant to the global insurance sector. A collaborative initiative of Munich Re and ERGO, the annual radar of technological trends aims to sharpen knowledge of key trends and provoke a conversation about their relevance along the insurance value chain

The structure of the trend report.

As you explore our interactive online radar, specifically that we have categorized emerging technology trends into four fields:

- User centricity
- Connected world
- Artificial intelligence
- Disruptive technologies
- We also evaluate the maturity of each trend:

Hold: add it to your watchlist
Evaluate: consider what it can mean for your business
Proof: the first initiatives involved are underway in the most affected business areas
Adopt: Start taking full advantage of this technology
In addition to exploring each of the nearly 50 trends, you can also discover some of the innovative technological solutions that Munich offers in each of the trend fields.

This year, we have included a downloadable report at the bottom of this page that gives you a deep immersion in what we consider the 10 main technological trends for 2019. It not only presents key data and figures for each of the trends, but also deepens in the opportunities and associated risks.

Technology is an important engine of future business. Those of us who adopted the proactive form obtained competitive advantages in innovation and productivity. We hope that the technology trend radar will serve as a valuable tool to assess how emerging technological developments can affect your organization.

future computer technology 2020

All trends

- Digital ecosystems                  - New payment models  
- Digital identity                  - Social analysis  
- Location identification services - Verification of truth identification facts
- Augmented worlds                  - Virtual worlds
- Haptic technologies                  - Digital health services
- Open API                          - Digital Twin
- Industrial IoT                  - Smart home
- Deep mapping                  - Autonomous robotics and drones  
- Autonomous vehicles          - Open data
- Smart textiles                  - Human improvement
- Smart dust                          - Robotic process automation  
- Computer vision          - NLP and voice recognition
- Conversational user interfaces          - Cognitive cyber security
- Increased decision making  - Machine controlled decision
- Smart bots                          - Knowledge graphics
- Interpretable machine learning - Auto ML
- Generative adverse networks          - Hardware integrated AI
- General artificial intelligence - Quantum computing
- Distributed ledger          - Cloud enablement  
- 3D printing                          - Cloud Edge
- Swarm Intelligence                  - 5G
- Volumetric display          - Programmable materials  
- Neuromorphic hardware          - Brain computer interface

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